New oil combining algal DHA and organic selenium introduced by Metabolium

Metabolium set sights on human and animal nutrition market with novel DHA-selenium oil from algal source.

French firm looking to licence and partner in commercialisation of ‘first ever’ algal oil combining DHA and selenium.

“It is an important milestone for the company, as Olïse complements our existing nutritional solutions and opens up new opportunities in a highly promising market for omega-3 fats,” said Metabolium CEO and chairman Dominique Duvauchelle.

The company is targeting Olïse at both the human and animal nutrition markets. It is suitable in any product or ingredient where DHA rich oil is currently used such as infant formula, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, pet food and aquaculture.

The patented production process involves fermentation of DHA-producing micro-algae, known as protists, in the presence of organic sources of selenium.

DHA’s benefits for brain health and development, cardiovascular well-being and eyesight are widely recognised. Inclusion of selenium is intended to promote immune function and minimise the effect of environmental endocrine disruptors.

Metabolium is currently in the industrial scale-up stage for Olïse. Duvauchelle envisages that the product will available by the end of 2018. Metabolium does not expect to invest in new production capacity as plenty of existing micro-algae fermentors can be utilised. As with any new invention, Duvauchelle emphasised that time-to –market is critical. Metabolium plan to address this by developing licensing agreements to manufacture and market the product.

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By Tim Cutcliffe, 22-Jun-2017

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