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About Pentagram

Pentagram Ventures (initially Pentagram Media) was established in 2013 with a view to assist media, brands and retailers in their digital refoundation.

The company subsequently developed into venture capital whilst continuing to provide advisory services to private equity firms and strategic consultancies on selected topics.

Our capital is deployed in entrepreneurial projects where technology, data and design combine to create transformative value propositions, creating exponential growth in underserved markets.

Pentagram Ventures is an early-stage investor in a variety of verticals : revenue-based financing, digital marketing platforms and advertising trading technologies, social media, retail media  and performance agencies, circular economy, sustainable luxury…

Pentagram Ventures cooperates closely with several venture capital outlets in the sourcing, screening and selection of investment opportunities.

Over 25 companies

With combined financing over 250M€

Investment Portfolio

Recent exits

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is a group of exceptional thought leaders whose insight and vision offer a unique perspective on a number of verticals, making it possible for Pentagram Media’s strategy and portfolio of skills to adapt to the accelerating pace of change that characterizes our times.

Philippe Besnard


Publicis Groupe acquiert Bizon, agence dédiée à l’accompagnement des marques sur Amazon

Publicis Groupe en France annonce l’acquisition de Bizon. Fondée en 2017 par Guillaume Rigallaud, Bizon est l’Agence leader en France dédiée à l’accompagnement et la distribution des marques sur Amazon. Forte

Silvr raises €130 in equity and debt

We are very pleased to announce our €130 million Series A round with key investors XAnge, Otium, Bpifrance, Eurazeo, ISAI and business angels Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi (co-founders of

Seedag acquires kmtx

Pursuit of excellence is what keeps great men moving and the pursuit of perfection is what keeps great brands exploring! Seedtag’s contextual creativity has been focused on creating efficient and

Charterhouse acquires Qualium for €300 M

Labelium va changer d’actionnaire de contrôle. L’agence de conseil en marketing numérique va entrer dans le portefeuille de Charterhouse Capital Partners, qui a retenu une valorisation de 300 M€, soit


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