Seedag acquires kmtx

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Seedtag’s contextual creativity has been focused on creating efficient and pro-privacy advertising solutions for brands in the cookieless era. In a strategic move towards strengthening its product portfolio, Seedtag, the leading contextual advertiser in EMEA and LATAM, recently acquired KMTX (previously Keymantics), a French company dedicated to building AI models to optimise and automate performance campaigns. This addition will further empower Seedtag to provide a full-funnel cookieless solution to advertisers that helps them achieve exceptional results in their ad campaigns.

KMTX, is a key French company centered on building the most transparent and data-driven approach to programmatic advertising that helps marketers improve their ad spend efficiency with a special attention on keyword and semantic audiences. With the focus on delivering mid and low funnel KPIs to advertisers, since 2019 they have consistently helped over 150 clients improve more than 500 campaigns and grown to become one of the most reliable digital media partners.

At Seedtag, as we help organizations prosper in the upcoming cookieless era, this acquisition is a logical expansion towards understanding audience insights more accurately and refining targeting strategies better to identify relevant contexts and place ads where they will matter the most.

Jorge Poyatos and Albert Nieto, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Seedtag, state: “Over the last few years, we have seen a strong correlation between contextual signals and performance results although we have not had the technology to predict post-click behaviours at scale. The acquisition of KMTX brings AI based predictive models into our stack that combined with our proprietary contextual data will constitute a leading solution for achieving performance results in a cookieless world”.

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